Witch Hunter Manga

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    4.3 956655 total

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    위치헌터 (Korean); Охотник на ведьм (Russian); 猎巫神影 (Chinese); Raganų medžiotojas (Lithuanian); Witch Buster (Seven Seas translation - English); Thợ săn Phù thủy (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV); Caçador de Bruxas (Portuguese); WH

  • Author(s) :

    Cho Jung-man

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  • Type :

    Korean Manhwa - Read from left to right.

  • Updated :

    September 22, 2017, 8:07 pm

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  • Summary

    In a world where witches have declared war against mankind, creating two thirds of the planet to falter, specialists have been assembled by the remaining human population using the capacity to hunt and destroy witches.

    Tasha Godspell, also called the "Magic Marksman," is among the most effective Witch Hunters there's. In addition to his sword-wielding Jack-o'-Lantern spouse called Halloween, Tasha sets weapons and his magic training to great use, in his endless struggles against witches. And yet, he can-not deliver himself to totally despise the witches he could be tasked to ruin

    Witches will be the main antagonists of the show. Witches were initially ladies or women that have the capacity to make use of awaken and magic, getting a hat. Their characters ordinarily shift, turning considerably more bad, although you can find several exceptions for this as soon as they become witches.
    Backers are contracted companions/servants of witches who decrease the quantity of mana needed for charms and helps their master in conflict. Most Supporters are possibly things or charming creatures but people may also become Supporters as well when they choose so. You'll find two courses of patrons; a Spiritual one as well as A Normal one. Religious supporters simply expire when their master need almost no mana and dies. If your patron is not weaker compared to witch, they might break free of from their website. In addition they have that if ruined, perish at the same time.
    Witch Hats
    A witch's mana are kept inside their hats and therefore is a witch's most treasured possession. The witch's first character surfaces as magic in the hat runs out.
    Mana is what enables other people among witches to make use of magic. It is considered a toxin to ordinary folks, ruining physique and their sanity except girls.